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Call tracking


Reveal Your True Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

Measuring the effectiveness of your different marketing campaigns is vital to delivering a Return On Investment (ROI) for your marketing budget and for planning your subsequent marketing campaigns.

 IconCALLS is a call tracking solution that allows your business to better understand which marketing programs are generating leads for your business.

With IconCALLS technology your website becomes smart enough to identify the traffic channels visitors have come from (e.g. SEO, online advertising, social media, direct traffic, etc.). Your website will show a unique 1300 phone number to your visitors so that if a visitor calls your business you know which marketing program triggered that call.

Icon's Call Tracking costs are highly cost competitive and are free of hidden installation charges.

There is no ‘bundle setup’ or flag fall fees. There are no contracts and no port away charges. You can use your own 1300 numbers or just use one from our pool of numbers. We do not limit the quantity of 1300 numbers you can use in your campaigns and we do not limit the amount of traffic per one 1300 number.

There is no service fee 1300 per phone number so you can track as many channels as you wish with as many 1300 numbers as you want – you just pay for the minutes talked, not the numbers. 

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