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Icon Visual Marketing is a team of professional marketing and creative people who are passionate about delivering tools that help businesses find their next customer.

We are a full-service marketing agency with a real strength in focusing on the results of good marketing. We develop the right tools to sell and add value to your business.

Importance of protecting your brand consistency for Direct Selling businesses

Consistency of brand is of the upmost importance for global direct selling businesses operating in hundreds of markets with thousands of sales associates all relying on the global brand to help grow their local direct selling businesses.

Mary KayDirect Selling News talks about the right balance that needs to be delivered for direct selling businesses. In an article titled Right Balance at Every Stage: Balancing Brand Protection and Consultant Personality , Michelle Larter explains why consistency is the most important element of direct selling branding

“Two critical components of any direct selling organization are the brand and the consultants that represent it. The brand is the organization’s image with consumers; consultants are the volunteer army that connects consumers with the brand, establishes and nurtures the critical customer relationships and carries out the brand’s vision.

In order for both to thrive, consistent communication of the brand messaging is key.”

As your brand ambassadors, your sales associates and consultants need to become as fiercely protecting your brand as the organisation itself.

Icon understand the business of direct selling and the importance of being able to protect your brand and maintain consistency, whilst equipping your sales associates and agents with the right tools to help them drive sales.

Icon has developed easy-to-use web portals to facilitate ordering and streamline production of brand-approved marketing collateral and promotional items all of the highest printed quality. Our cost effective print, processing and shipping process is highly structured and includes several quality assurance checks build in to the system.

Call us today to ask about developing an easy to use online ordering portal for your direct selling business.


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