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Public Relations


As a business, the media can be your friend or your foe, so careful management of your public relations is needed to project a positive image so you can build your brand and promote trust amongst your clients.

Positive PR is a powerful thing; it can build brand awareness and favourability, position your company as a leader, improve retention of current customers and increase sales.

From brand building to product launches, Icon Visual Marketing understands business channels and how PR can be used to great effect to support clients’ commercial and corporate objectives.

Whether new to market or an established brand, we devise and implement impactful campaigns for clients of all sizes - drawing on our knowledge and experience of the consumer sector to add variety and creativity to our business-to-business programs.

Online Press Release Marketing – grow influence & build SEO 

Marketing Online Press Release is one of the best tools to create great awareness for your brand, as also exhibiting your high level of authority and influence. We optimise your PR for the most relevant keywords through our keyword research and analysis services team to guarantee that it shows in top pages of Google news results or SERPs. An excellently search engine optimised press release adds much weight to your site’s domain in addition to enhancing your website’s search engine rankings.

Icon Visual Marketing offers a full range of PR services, including press releases, media management, and crisis communications and measuring your PR profile.


The Blog

17 August 2017
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25 July 2017
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