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eCommerce Website Development


Icon Visual marketing Digital Marketing consultants are experts in ecommerce website design and develop ecommerce solutions that enable our client’s customers to buy from their websites easily and effortlessly. Our expert team of ecommerce web designers bring together professional design, product management, customer personalisation, promotional tools, comprehensive content management and tracking to create a stunning, unique and powerful ecommerce solutions for your online business.

The IconCMS can handle a complete e-commerce system customised to suit your products and brand. The functionality behind all of our ecommerce solutions is completely scalable and flexible and allows us to configure a ecommerce solution that 100% fits your business requirements.

All aspects of your e-commerce website can be managed via the our powerful Icon CMS, from design and presentation, content, product data and promotions to order management and returns.

Features of Icon Designed and Developed eCommerce websites include

  • Unlimited number of product categories and products are available
  • Easy to change price guides
  • Comprehensive ordering system so you can track and manage your orders, including auto generated invoices and emails to customers.
  • Related products feature can be used to cross sell other product sections of the website
  • Most visited product pages feature shows what other customers are purchasing

Physical Products

Display your products in categories or sub categories for easy navigation. Our eCommerce system can also be setup to work with Australia Post to automatically calculate shipping costs.

Make easy payments through a custom styled checkout system that integrates with PayPal. Apply discount coupons and report on your sales.

Digital Products

Sell digital products through your website, such as training resources, videos, software, audio etc, with the ability to apply download caps after purchase.

Make easy payments through a custom styled checkout system that integrates with PayPal. Apply discount coupons and report on your sales.

Subscription Services

Control the content you provide by creating private resource areas. Your users will be required to subscribe with payment in order to access particular resources within your website. With a range of packages available, this feature also integrates with PayPal.


The Blog

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28 May 2017
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