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Icon Visual Marketing is a team of professional marketing and creative people who are passionate about delivering tools that help businesses find their next customer.

We are a full-service marketing agency with a real strength in focusing on the results of good marketing. We develop the right tools to sell and add value to your business.

Icon's Digital Marketing Analyst guiding better business decisions


In a time where digital marketing changes daily and identifying exactly who your audiences are and what they want is a constantly moving target, data has become key.
Building upon Icons foundational pillar of innovation, being ahead of the game is our strong point and having a dedicated data analyst fosters this.

But when it comes to data how do you know what data is right? Even more importantly, if it is even useful?

This is where a Digital Marketing Analyst comes in.

Icon’s dedicated Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Jerremy Leedham has taken time to explain why this role is important and how it can benefit our clients.

Technology and how consumers behave online is rapidly advancing and diversifying, so making sure we know how to reach your next customer with the right campaign, the right message, and the right tech is now at the front and center of your marketing and business strategy.

Though data is amazing, it’s useless unless you can understand it and unless it helps businesses make better decisions. Over time, groups of data and numbers show correlations and trends. They can show at any point what type of content works, at what point a campaign is working, when social media posts are the most popular. We capitalise on these trends in a quick and effective manner to make smarter business and marketing recommendations to grow your business.”

Icon has developed a customised reporting systems that merges online results with offline and digital campaigns, the key elements of the reports are to research, analyse, present, and innovate.

These reports utilise our proprietary three-tier marketing system to report numbers and make business and marketing recommendations based around your key marketing objectives and metrics as well as brand awareness, engagement and sales lead generation.

It is my job to analyse all the data and information that is needed to make the best decision for clients’. This ranges from deep analysis of 1st party data, consumer behavior and demographic data, geographic development, all the way to economic activity (just to scratch the surface).

“After researching and analysing, the data is transformed into our customised and informative reports, used to craft your next targeted marketing campaign, or used to step up the performance of your current campaign. Knowing what is and isn’t working is key, to making sure that your campaign is on track to reach your goals. With our marketing strategist and digital specialists having a clearer picture about what’s working and who we are talking to, our campaigns will more effectively be reaching your next customer.

“As an analyst, it is my job to break down problems into smaller problems, test assumptions and plan based on this analysis.”

I am driven to dig deeper and find the truth in the numbers - to question assumptions and not allow myself to be misled by the data."

As user behavior shifts and new data sources become available, analysts need to adjust their methodologies and be ready to incorporate new data sources in their analysis. Our Senior Digital Marketing Analyst and our entire digital marketing team are experts at funneling data into meaningful marketing recommendations.

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